Fintech Design Summit: Key Takeaways

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to (virtually) attend 2020 Fintech Design Summit. The conference itself was seamless and all of the talks were educational & inspirational. It was great to be able to connect with like-minded individuals and learn about what other designers are up to in the Fintech field.

If I had to summarize my three biggest takeaways from the conference…

Empathy is the key to UX

Not a surprise here, but empathy really is the key to a good user experience. Empathy creates an understanding of your user. The more you understand your user, the better you can advocate for them when designing. Asking questions to ignite your curiosity (i.e. Why not?, What would happen if…?, etc) will help create an even better understanding behind your users motivations.

Security requires empathy

Empathy also plays an important role in the Fintech space. Security is a huge aspect of Fintech products, due to the amount of information that is captured within them. Security and empathy go hand-in-hand. Designing these types of products is usually based on our idea of what it would feel like if something went wrong. In order to design for scenarios, you have to understand your user’s intent by empathizing with what information they would feel comfortable giving.

Empathy helps enable trust. There are a lot of mental hurdles that an individual goes through to determine if a product is trustworthy, therefore, the product should be able to help take the burden off of the individual. That is ultimately what will help build the trust between the user and the product.

Break rules (but don’t break the law)

When you run into challenges, like rules or regulations, ask yourself how it’s helping the customer. Many of the conventions created in the Fintech space came out with good intention. However, those conventions can be questioned. Ultimately, rules & regulations were made to help and protect the customer. If your product still helps the customer, than an argument can be made.

Legal and compliance are your friends in design. It’s no surprise, but you must work with them and not against. By bringing them in and working with them in the beginning, they can help create innovative solutions for your product. When they say “you can’t do that” you still have the ability to work with them to find other solutions.

In conclusion, empathy is what fuels good design and virtual conferences are still just as valuable as in-person conferences. Looking forward to attending the next Fintech Design Summit!

Originally published at on August 31, 2020.

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