Whether you’re just starting out in UX design, or well into your career — it’s important to find your niche. Finding your niche means identifying what industry, segment, platform, etc. you’d like to work in.

While it may be challenging to immediately get a job in the area you want…

Prototyping tools are a serious topic in UX design. Adobe XD, Sketch, InVision, and Figma; the list of tools is endless. In recent times, Figma has received quite the influx of positive reviews.

After using Figma for about a year, I can firmly agree that it is superior to any…

As UX has evolved, different specializations have changed over time. From interaction design, to UX research — designers can focus on different areas that highlight their passions. Typically, large corporations hire for these specialized roles.

However, UX designers at smaller corporations and solo UX designers still exist. These designers have…

Creating apps is simple. There are millions of apps on the app store. Creating apps users love? Well, that’s not as simple as you’d think. The good news is: the best apps all have characteristics in common.

So, how do you create apps that users love?

Create an Original Idea

Getting inspiration from other…

Lauren Hilton

UX designer, freelancer, blogger, podcaster, youtuber, recent college grad, and human-loving introvert.

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